Alex Yakubov
Alex Yakubov

Portfolio Marketing Director
Palo Alto Networks

Alex Yakubov is an expert security marketer who specializes in demand generation. With a firm background in demand gen sales, Alex has held key marketing roles at Intel, Quantcast, and Yubico. At Palo Alto Networks, she drives pipeline growth across North America. In addition to her day job, Alex advises startups on demand generation to help them grow faster with efficient funding.


What's the difference between regions for marketing and driving pipeline?

Regarding Channel Resources vs. Direct Sales, Alex shares how to navigate your pipeline depending on the region.

Any advice on attribution when selling through partners?

Setting the meetings. Partners hitting the right metrics? BDRs having the right conversations. Learn what matters in attribution.

What's the difference between cyber-security marketing versus targeting ?

Learn how who you are selling to, impacts your sales approach.

Portfolio Marketing

What are the differences in promoting a similar portfolio of solutions to diverse leads?

Learn how to stand out from the rest by being prepared with the proper solutions to solve the challenges the industry you are trying to break into has.

What's the big task you didn't think you'd take on?

Portfolio marketing what exactly does that mean? Learn the ins and outs of this robust marketing industry.

Omnichannel Strategies

What are you looking foward to going into Q3 and Q4?

Omnichannel opportunities and fully optimizing your funnel - learn how to set up for success in the 2nd half of this year!

Are there any rules you think marketers should quit following?

If everyone is swimming in one direction, swim the other way. Alex Yakubov shares why you must question everything you do as a seasoned marketer.

How do you and your team learn?

Discover what steps to take to prepare your team for a recession.
“ Recently, I’ve found myself prioritizing digital transformation, and selling around the business challenges customers are solving for, using their language. ”

- Alex Yakubov, Palo Alto Networks