Ardath Albee

CEO and Marketing Strategist

For over 30 years, Ardath Albee has helped B2B brands like Blackline, Demandbase, and Invoca master digital marketing and the complex sale. She’s an award-winning author, strategist, teacher, speaker, and content geek who’s obsessed with making companies so relevant that buyers can’t help but choose to become their customers. And once they’re a customer, they wouldn’t consider leaving.

Sales Enablement

How would you define sales enablement?

Buyers are now becoming more self-reliant. Learn to prepare your sales and marketing team to address these new buying behaviors.

Whats your advice on the divide between marketing and sales teams? 

It no longer needs to be marketing vs. sales. Learn how to get your sales team to buy-in and be involved in the marketing process to create even greater wins for your organization.

How are you seeing marketing and sales partner together?

Uncertainty in the marketplace brings marketers and sales into a unique position where we have to learn how to go back to the drawing boards and re-connect with our ICP, Ardath shows us how to do just that.

How is marketing handing the risk of working with Sales?

Learn how to avoid buyers' regret and to ensure the deal goes through smoothly.

Buyers Journey

Can the sales team handle the buyer's story?

Discover how to increase engagement and use intent data to understand where your accounts stand.

How do you scale buyers' stories?

t's easy to get to the need, it's harder to get to the want. Ardath shares that to scale B2B, marketers need to learn how to lock and integrate their ICP, commonalities, and emotions, just as we have done for B2C.
“Sales enablement is really about how we help our salespeople step into the story the buyer is already engaged with. And how we help them continue that story, and build momentum by helping buyers advance.”

- Ardath Albee, Marketing Interactions