_Davis Potter

Davis Potter

Global ABM Marketing 

Davis Potter is dedicated to helping businesses optimize their marketing efforts and achieve remarkable results. He runs Global ABM Marketing at Telesign and is recognized for pioneering the Enterprise ABM and Growth ABM frameworks. Davis is driven by a passion for assisting businesses in humanizing their marketing approaches and forging genuine connections with their customers, empowering companies to deliver highly personalized experiences that leave a profound impact.

Growth ABM

What is Growth ABM?

Learn how startups and smaller companies set up their ABM strategies for success.

Should I target and/or tier my ABM accounts?

Learn how to prioritize and organize your accounts using ABM tiers.

How should you revive "zombie" leads?

Learn how to provide strategic value to revive leads that have stalled or gone dead cold, i.e. “zombie” leads.

When should you avoid Growth ABM?

Discover the one obstacle that can stop you from using Growth ABM strategy in your organization.

Enterprise ABM

What is Enterprise ABM?

What to do when starting Enterprise ABM - David shares two prominent buckets to focus on.

What does Enterprise ABM deliver?

Here’s what you should focus on when starting your Enterprise ABM program.

What is your advice for experienced marketers on how they can increase velocity?

Here are the metrics you should focus on as an experienced marketer implementing ABM.

What is the right mix between Enterprise and Growth ABM?

Choose the most effective ABM strategy to optimize your revenue growth.
Enterprise ABM provides more flexibility with the events and content you provide to your one-on-one accounts than Growth ABM. If you’re in Growth ABM, you have less options to engage your customers

- Davis Potter, Telesign