Jenny Coupe

Senior Vice President Revenue Marketing

Jenny Coupe is the Senior Vice President for Global Revenue Marketing at ActiveCampaign. She’s been part of 9 tech exits throughout her career, and been recognized as One of the Top 50 Women in Revenue Marketing. She knows firsthand what it takes to support your sales team through the many twists and turns of large corporate deals.

ABM Campaigns

How do you think about data in ABM campaigns?

Learn what is needed to deliver the most effective message to your ICP.

What data do we need for ABM targets?

Bottoms up and Tops down - How to message the user and buyer will differ using intent data.

What types of content have you seen succeed in ABM?

Learn what content to create for buyers, influencers, and decision-makers to increase conversions.

Intent Data

How do we use Intent Data to customize content?

Discover how to analyze, track, and automate to find your customer's ultimate intent with your product.

When we’re doing outbound, what data does sales have?

Learn what type of content you should deliver as you guide your buyer through each sales stage.

Conversion Driven Content

How do we personalize other people’s content?

Learn how to leverage your customer’s perspective as your voice.

Should marketing be creating all the content?

Understand how to use sales data to comprehend and automate your customer's buying journey.

How do we lead content between businesses or customers?

Use F.I.R.E., an acronym that helps marketers understand where they should position their products on an enterprise level.

How do priorities affect messaging?

Jenny shares a marketing strategy that focuses on self-serving individuals and account-based enterprise customers, which will help increase ROI.
“I think the real magic of Account Based Marketing is when you intersect your key-fit and intent data to actually deliver the most relevant message to your prospect.”

- Jenny Coupe, ActiveCampaign