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Karen Cooper

Director of Marketing, Content Experience

Wolters Kluwer  

Karen Cooper is a seasoned marketing executive, researcher, and writer with more than 20 years of professional experience in the marketing and advertising industries. As the Director of Marketing, Content Experience, Karen plays a pivotal role in creating impactful content strategies. However, her contributions extend far beyond her professional accomplishments, as she strives to be a joyful leader and positive change agent, both personally and professionally.

What is or isn’t marketing content?

"When I think about marketing content I don't think, 'This is a sell sheet, or a webinar, or a social post', I think about how to get to that content and where you go from there."

What is the end goal for your content?

“Using the same article and writing it with different tones and trying to create different leads and different click throughs, we’re ranking on page one of Google search results for 73% of our target keywords.”

How have you optimized your content across social media?

“For social, for us, it was a matter of stepping back and thinking strategically how this particular channel factors into our company as a whole, and how we’re going to build out this program.”

How are you measuring the performance of your content?

“Measuring negative impact is just as important - if not more important - than measuring positive impact. It kinda burns because you’re like, ‘Ugh, I failed.’ But look at it as an opportunity to learn what didn’t work, so you can find what does work.”

When do you retire your assets?

“I think you should audit your content on a biannual basis. Quarterly may be too soon. 3 months seems like a long time to us when we’re looking at it everyday. But it’s not necessarily a lengthy period for our customers.”

How do you prioritize sales enablement content?

“We’re prioritizing sales enablement content based on our business goals - not marketing’s goals - our overall business goals. What are they trying to accomplish through sales enablement? What are their barriers? And how are we solving for that?”

How do you get sales to use your sales enablement content?

“Our sales team is busy! We have Seismic as a tool and it has the ability to do landing pages. I’ve created landing pages by segment. We’re going to start pushing net new content to their landing pages and flagging it.”

How are you optimizing your budget for content creation?

“It may be a dirty word for some writers, but you really need to think about AI. What tools are out there, and what can your company develop - maybe in a sandbox - for you to use to help you amplify your content at a faster pace.”

What is your process for content review and compliance?

“Since these are established brands and established solutions, not all our content has to go through our legal team. When we have a new solution, or if we’re in an international market and we really want to make sure we’re using the right words and not speaking incorrectly, we absolutely send it to our legal team.”

How do you organize your content calendar?

“On the whole the cycle typically revolves around a quarter at a time. Because things are changing, things are moving.”
"When I think about marketing content I don't think, 'This is a sell sheet, or a webinar, or a social post', I think about how to get to that content and where you go from there."

- Karen Cooper