20230921 Martha Aviles

Martha Aviles

Vice President Marketing

Martha Aviles is a results-driven, inspirational marketing leader who specializes in building high-performing teams. She is an exceptional mentor who leads by example. She’s successfully managed 25+ mergers and acquisitions and is an expert in developing revenue-generating marketing models focused on lead generation and customer retention. Her "roll up your sleeves" leadership style is based on her breadth of experience and her goal is always to create a culture of passionate employees who drive business results while achieving success in their careers. She has served as VP of Marketing at Workrise, Talroo, and is currently at Gigster. She is frequently featured on podcasts and has spoken on marketing at SXSW.

Knowing which leads are sales ready is extremely important

“I don’t ever want to hear, ‘we need more leads’. Because I can get you 10,000 trash leads, but it won’t drive revenue or bookings. So let’s talk about what we need - and it’s always meetings booked.”

How are you scoring your leads?

“You want to score leads based on activity, and the higher the level of engagement the higher the score for that activity should be.”

Your SLA with your sales team is critical for demand gen success

“MQLs are like avocados, they're not going to stay fresh on the shelf for long. So I think any MQL should be called within 24 hours or less. When someone raises their hand to talk to you, the timespan for their mindshare is very short.”

How do you coordinate targeted outreach for active prospects?

“If a salesperson has actively sequenced a contact with, for example a 5-touch outreach, you want to make sure the marketing team isn’t hitting them at the exact same time.”

Not all “hand raisers” are the same

“People might be raising their hands for different reasons. One might be for a tight deadline to migrate a legacy system, where their ‘pants are on fire’. Another might be a ‘nice to have’ where the prospect wants to do some creative thinking.”

Not everyone who engages is a lead

“People can be engaging with your content for so many reasons. You have to define what your lead scoring and grading looks like for your company.”

How often does your demand gen team meet with sales?

“I’ve got a demand gen person that meets with our SDRs almost daily. It’s not a required meeting, but if there are leads that are stuck or haven’t been followed up on, you wanna communicate frequently.”

How is your marketing team’s performance measured?

“There’s only one leading indicator and one lagging indicator … the leading indicator is the number of meetings set from MQLs … and the lagging indicator is ultimately bookings.”
“Planning out the scale of your buying committees starts with referencing past deals you’ve closed and communicating with your sales reps about closing deals to identify who your real buying committee is.

- Mike Rizzo, MarketingOps.com