Mike Rizzo

Mike Rizzo

Founder and CEO

Mike Rizzo is a career marketing operations professional passionate about using a people-first approach to building scalable and efficient solutions to the challenges faced by marketing, business operations, and client success teams. Mike helped build, launch, manage and optimize Mavenlink's first-ever user community and Client Advisory Board programs. In 2017 he also founded the growing community of MO Pros - a place where thousands of Marketing Operations Professionals connect, collaborate and help elevate the practice of Marketing Ops. He is also the co-host of the podcast called Ops Cast. As the founder of MarketingOps.com, Mike is taking a community-led approach to building resources that are purpose-built to elevate Marketing Operations Professionals.

Marketing Ops

What is Marketing Ops?

How is Marketing Ops different than Demand Gen.

What is marketing work flow?

Implement these two marketing workflows for an optimized buyer journey.

Data Analytics

What data should we ask our marketing ops team for?

Discover the essential questions to optimize your Ops team's performance.

Can information and timelines be improved for marketing?

How stage gates can aid in analyzing buying cycle duration and optimizing marketing strategies.

How do you think about data and how irrelevant it becomes?

Decay rates in data can be 20% each year. Learn how to get rid of data that is no longer useful to you.

Customer Acquisition

How do we change the culture of transactional relationships?

Ending the transactional culture and watch you will be able to 3x your results before even going to market.

How do you gauge the right size for your buying committees?

Learn who really is your buying committee and how it affects your sales pipeline.
“Planning out the scale of your buying committees starts with referencing past deals you’ve closed and communicating with your sales reps about closing deals to identify who your real buying committee is.

- Mike Rizzo, MarketingOps.com