Ryan O'Hara

Founder and CEO
Request for Meeting

When Ryan isn’t pretentiously typing up an “About” section on his LinkedIn profile in the third person, he’s helping fix the broken relationship between buyers and sellers. He loves helping salespeople. Helping them brand themselves better, write better cold emails, prospect better, and build their brand online as a media personality. But most of all, he loves creating business messaging that isn’t boring. Ryan has scaled marketing and sales teams at numerous successful startups. From Seed Round through exit. He’s now pursuing his lifelong dream of making B2B sales and marketing fun as Founder and CEO of Request for Meeting.

Mastering Conversions

How do you get meetings from cold outreach?

Ryan shares the secret to booking meetings more frequently without clients feeling overwhelmed with your sales tactics.

What's your advice for a small value proposition?

Seamlessly integrate value proposition with case studies to increase conversions.

Improving Relationship with Buyers

How can marketers help their sales teams with buyer personalization?

On average, only 0.4% of sales activity results in a meeting. Ryan shares how you can successfully navigate sales and marketing personalization in 2023, as common sales tactics have become oversaturated.

How do you re-engage buyers?

Learn how to create a plan to book a second meeting when buyers are unsure of moving forward.

Should marketers create urgency to spur buyers out of indecision?

Learn how to find indecisive buyers through email and what to do to move them forward in the buyer's journey.
“ Half the battle is just standing out. Being one of those people doing one of those things, but doing it in a way where you're like, 'Hey, this person doesn't suck!' ”

- Ryan O'Hara, Founder, Request for Meeting